Emiway X Dax New Rap Song 2019 – I Been That Lyrics

Emiway X Dax New Rap Song 2019 - I Been That Lyrics
Emiway X Dax  – I Been That Lyrics

Emiway X Dax New Rap Song 2019 – I Been That Lyrics sung by them and featuring by them while its music is composed by Lex Nour. Its lyrics are penned by Dax and Emiway while video is directed by Rayhaan Patni.“I Been that lyrics” is the first  international collaboration of two independent rap artists in the history of hip hop .

Song : I Been That
Singers : Emiway & Dax
Music : Lex Nour
Lyricists : Emiway & Dax
Director : Rayhaan Patni


I crossed seas to check the temperature
Found myself in India
Hollywood to Bollywood with bars from Nigeria
Inspected the criteria
Realized foreign ties are great
If not more superior
I been that
Fuck that shit
Dax is going global
I ain’t never been the type to say
I told you but I told you
Ya I told you
That I would Graduate from local
And evolve into CEO millionaire mogul
Took time, crossed T’s, dotted I’s
Realized real eyes recognized real guys
Stopped wasting time
Took a flight overseas
Got to work and started building foreign ties
Ya nigga I been that
Studios at best I wasn’t first inside my class
But I was first to get ahead
Told my teacher I was dropping out of math
Cuz, I didn’t need a dumb equation
Just to teach me how to calculate success
Algebraically though I been a factor
Multiplied my capacity from slave into master
Multiplied my capacity from poet into rapper
Stopped asking niggas questions started giving niggas answers
That’s the truth, this is calculated murder
When I step inside the booth
Premeditated murder how I’m serving niggas truth
This is elevated thinking how I educated youth
Tell a nigga read a book instead of sitting in a school
Ye, I been that
The prerequisite, adjective, synonym, verb, predicate, bachelorette
Had to talk to god 10 times before I mastered it
Licensed it, trademarked fucked around and patented it
I been that
Yeah, nigga I been that
Swear to God on God
Motherfucker yeah yeah you know I been that
Yeah, nigga I been that
Nahi maloom hai to sun,
Haa main wahi tha
Jab views mere 2 the
Haa main wahi tha
Sunaane wale 100 the
Haan main wahi tha
Jab logo ne kaha ki
Teri boli nai chalegi lekin
Aj dekho jaam huve wooh
Aye chhote, dhyan de re flow pe
Apne gaane pe naache Bollywood ke paute
Maje lele lala aaja mere show pe
Kill karu beat pe jab milte mujhe mauke
Mere gane mere aasun ko pochhe
Underground yaha tak pohchega kya
Kabhi tum soche?
Independent scene baat kam shot zyada
Door karne aaya hu main drame aur loche
Ye rapper atkele hai beech mein hi
Inka organic reach nahi (Hahahaha)
Agar aide chaale karega
Kahi pe mere bare mein toh
Tereko milega mere jaisa koi neech nahi
Out of reach pe haan beach pe hu main
Upar wale ke diye umar ke lease pe hu main
Chakke marne ke liye khadela crease pe hu main
Daud lagane ke liye taiyyar knees pe hu main
Increase pe hu main, decrease pe hai tu
Khudko kam dena janta hu please bolu kyun
Kisi ko bhi kissie wissie lera
Maze main hu busy busy
Pehle easy nahi tha kuch bhi
Lekin take it easy
Kisi kisi se suna ke aise nai chalega kam tera
Zippy sabke muh pe zip lagaya kam mera
Recipe jaan’na chahte hai
Pehle come and mess with me
Inke gane lagte jaise bol raha ho Mr. Bean
Go Rest in Peace
Kyun karun main jo tu kare
Main karun woh jo na kare tere sare pantar
Tera toh chod mera game change marunga hunter
Jaaunga bankar hero bero pe chupake rakha hai
Tereko therapy milegi gana sunega toh
Inhe nahi pata kitna sara
Mehnat lagta hai beta ek gana banane ko
Item ko nai aata khaana banane ko
Rapper ko nahi aata gana bananeko
Main bhi ek rapper hu nahi sun’na chahte
Pareshaniya meri toh jaane do!
Been that
Yeah, nigga I been that
Swear to god on god mothafuck
Yeah yeah I been that
Yeah nigga I been that
It’s Dax!
Nahi maloom hai to sun!

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